About UFC

The pandemic has been a bit tough on all of us. These circumstances have brought forth our insecurities, self-doubts, and struggles in full force. Inspiration is becoming hard to come by. But when eminent personalities like you take it on themselves to provide the healing touch, it not just gives hope but becomes something that can be emulated by everyone.
“Unfiltered Conversations with Devyani Pawar” attempts to get in conversation with such personalities to unearth their thought process, so that it becomes a guiding force for everyone who is at the fence.
Our community consists of entrepreneurs, startup founders, and students. Over the years we have been able to positively impact and uplift thousands of community members in their chase to achieve their dreams.
Journey of Unfiltered Conversations was an overwhelming and enriching experience. During this journey, many preconceived notions about public personalities were broken, and it became a source of inspiration and encouragement for many people struggling with insecurities. It has been an honor for us to reach lakhs of people and make a positive impact through this meaningful conversation.
Now we are all set to take this to a whole new level where we are determined to bring cheer and positive energy towards our lovely audience.

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