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Youth constitutes the largest segment of our population, thereby playing a crucial role in shaping our future. Global Shapers Community Baramati Hub is a network of young change-makers united by a passion to advocate impact and are whole-heartedly committed to resolving local challenges that arise in our community. We took it upon ourselves to impart knowledge to young women and girls about the reproductive system, menstrual hygiene, sanitary napkin usage, and its responsible disposal.
For our first phase, we visited the Shirsuphal village and distributed sanitary napkins that would suffice a girl for two months. A total of 150+ young girls and women – including the locals, medical officers, Asha workers, and school teachers part-took in the awareness and educational session with us.
We intend to continue these sessions to encourage the girls and women to open up, adapt, and break the “period taboo” to bring healthy positive changes in their lives.



This project aims to gradually increase women’s familiarity with menstrual products and proper disposal while also promoting alternatively reusable and environmentally friendly menstrual products such as biodegradable disposal bags, reusable pads, etc.

We want to thank the Local Government of Shirsuphal, and the students Kajol Atole, Jyoti Bagal, Pradnya Waghmore of the Sharda Bai Pawar Nursing College Malegaon, for their support and collective efforts in making this initiative a reality.



Lastly, we appreciate our entire family of Global Shapers Community, Baramati Hub for the graceful execution of the project with their diligence, hard work and resilience.
Fatema, Shantanu,Bharvi,Mauli, Khadija,Shubham,Hatim,Ravi,Akshay,Amey,Rutuja


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